Apr 26, 2011

Active@ Disk Image Professional v5.0.2

Active@ Disk Image Professional v5.0.2 + Boot CD l 281.23 MB

Active @ Disk Image e program to create backups / backup / data and full share of hard drive. The program can create a full backup of the hard drive selected data or operating system. The backup can be used to restore your Windows, if you are able to its irreparable damage, or simply want to resume the installation. The program included an application for managing partitions on your hard drive, which allows you to resize, delete and create partitions on the hard drive of your computer.

In the torrent is on, and boot disk with the program to work outside the OS.

Main features:

»Create and restore a disk image without having to restart the computer (in most cases)

»Optionally select only those sectors that contain useful information

»Store a disk image in a local file, on a network drive or burn directly on CD / DVD / Blue-ray Disc

»Create an exact (sector-by-sector) image for data recovery scenarios or for backing up partitions with unknown file systems

»Make a disk image of any hard disk (IDE, SCSI, USB, FireWire), SSD, USB Flash Drive or Floppy diskette

»Create an ISO image from CD / DVD / Blue-ray disc and burn them back

»Backup data from basic disks or dynamic disks

»Configure image compression to make a balance between archive size and recording speed

»Create an image of several disk partitions at the same time and store them in one archive

»Automate image creation by setting up several disk images at once

»Restore selected disk, partition or individual files from the archive

»Run Active @ Disk Image from Active @ Boot Disk to perform all disk image operations no matter what installed operating system is present

»Setup an unattended imaging of a computer using scheduling

»Simple procedures using easy-to-follow wizards

»Split a disk image into several files to make file handling easier

»Use password protection for security

»Exclude page files and hibernate file to improve recording speed and reduce backup file size

»Easily transfer system and program files to several workstations with disk or partition cloning

»Backup disks partitioned with MBR, GPT or Mac OS X Boot Camp style GPT

»Create incremental and differential backups to save storage space

Installation version:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Boot CD:

· Pentium II processor or higher

· 300MB RAM

Boot CD:

1.Zapisvate disk as an image / Burn image to disk /, the minimum speed.

2.Postavyate disc into the optical drive.

3.Nastroyvate in the BIOS the first boot device / First boot device / any CD / DVD.

4.Natiskate F10 key to store settings.

5.Restartirate and choose one of the options presented



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