Nov 19, 2011

DOWNLOAD HWiNFO 3.89.1425 Beta

DOWNLOAD HWiNFO 3.89.1425 Beta
HWiNFO32 - a utility that detects and then show some of the "iron" to build a computer Issued fairly detailed information on CPU, motherboard, memory, hard disks, CD-ROM, audio / video / network cards, monitors, ports, etc.

In addition, HWiNFO32 is able to remove the information from the set on the motherboard sensors (temperature, voltage, etc.), and conduct benchmarks CPU, FPU, MMX and disk drives.

HWiNFO32 is simply indispensable for anyone accustomed to poking around in the "hard", especially someone else's. HWiNFO32 provides information only about the hardware obespechenii.Ona detects all sorts of microprocessors (up to Itanium!), Defines their parameters, and calculates the actual frequency of FSB; receive complete information about the motherboard and BIOS; reads data from the SPD memory modules, graphics accelerators, and identifies hundreds of more than 400 graphics chip, but with DDC - and the characteristics of monitors (for example, a useful option, as the real date of production). Not the slightest difficulty does not feel the program with the IDE-SCSI-devices, modems, hardware diagnostic chips, etc. In addition, it built a small test of CPU, memory, disk devices. All information can be stored in a magazine for storage and future use.
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