Jan 17, 2012

Zentimo xStorage Manager Final

Zentimo xStorage Manager Final || 6.8 MB

The Zentimo application was developed to be a powerful external drive manager. It saves time and extends user abilities on active work with flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and other gadgets.

Handy menu to control devices
This menu is aimed to do the most frequent tasks in a click and allows you to:
  • See device drive size or empty space
  • Rename a device
  • Change a device image
  • Hide a device from the menu
  • Scan for hardware changes
  • Stop all devices at once

Drive letter management
  • Hiding drives of empty card reader slots
  • Fixing a drive letter to a specific device
  • Preventing assigning of specific drive letters to hot-plug devices
  • You can change a drive letter or volume label quickly

Program autorun feature
Assign programs to be launched on:
  • After device connection
  • Before device disconnection
  • After device stopping
  • After device removal
  • Global or per-device settings
  • Predefined templates to setup your antivirus, a file manager or something else

Portable application quick launcher
  • Just a small menu where you can add programs\files\folders from your portable drive for quick launch

Real Safe Device Removal
  • Display of processes preventing the device from being stopped...
  • ... and the ability to kill these processes ...
  • ... or just to unlock them from the device
  • Hotkeys to stop a device or call the menu
  • Stopping of all devices at once
  • Ability to stop SATA drives
  • Returning just stopped device back

Honest Drive Speed Test
Most other drive speed testers measure only the read\write speed of large files, displaying a theoretical drive speed. This is not related to real-life speed as we often write plenty of small files to external drives.
Our investigations shows that some flash drives have worse performance than other ones on writing of small files however their top performance at writing large files are the same.
Zentimo measures the file read\write speeds of 3 different file sizes: small files (32 KB), medium files (3 MB) and large files (100 MB) and displays all those measurements as well as an average. The average speed calculated by Zentimo reflects your drives real performance more accurately than characteristics from the vendor's specification.

What's new in This Release:
We are happy to announce availability of Zentimo 1.2. In this version we have added some not big but frequently requested features such as ability to save\restore program settings, option to automatically close autorun processes, ability to hide program icon and improved the device icon library. See below the full list of changes or just download the program right now.

Program Settings Saving & Restoring
Beginning from this version you can store all settings of the program to a file and restore them with a few clicks in the program. This is useful if you wish to replicate program settings on another computer or if you decided to reinstall your OS.

Hotkey To Stop All Devices At Once
There is already a button to stop all visible on the menu devices at once. Now, following your requests we added a hotkey to this feature.

Ability To Auto Close Autorun Processes
Since this version Zentimo can not only run programs automatically on device connection, but it may close them before device safe removal. Very useful feature if you setup Zentimo to auto launch your portable applications.

Option To Stop Device By Simply Clicking It
Some users were not happy to stop device by clicking to the stop icon that is displayed when you hover mouse over the device item in the menu (especially those ones who came from USB Safely Remove). For these users we added a correspondent option so that now you can stop devices the same way as in USB Safely Remove.

Hiding Systray Icon
Another option that is transferred from USB Safely Remove. By enabling this option the program will hide the systray icon when there are no drives to be stopped in the menu. After you insert a drive you will see the systray icon again. In order to display the stopping menu while there are no devices to be stopped you can either use a hotkey (Win+S by default) or just go to Windows Start menu -> All Programs -> Zentimo and run it.

Device Icon Library Improved & Extended
The device icon library was significantly renewed: we improved old icons, added lots of new icons – more colors and models of flash drives, memory cards and external hard drives, also we added some new devices.

Home Page: zentimo.com
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Interface: Multilingual

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